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    Why we’ve decided to go on hiatus

    As you may have noticed, we’ve been a bit quiet on the announcements front recently. emble’s been alive for just over a year now, and we’ve had a really interesting 12 months! We’re incredibly grateful for the huge amount of support we’ve received, and the feedback we’ve had from our amazing beta users has been absolutely awesome. […]

  • emble makes it easy to plan social events

    What makes emble different?

    When we tell people that emble’s an app for planning social events, people want to know what makes it different from tools like Eventbrite, Meetup, or Facebook Events. We get why they want to know; after all, if a new app doesn’t have anything special about it, why would people bother using it? The majority of new products seek to make it easier for people to do something (for example, arrange events), and are therefore trying to usurp whatever method an individual uses to carry out that task at present. It can take a lot for people to permanently switch to a new platform, so product teams have to serve up something pretty darn special if they actually want people to use their app. […]

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    The emble social events survey 2015

    Market research is something all companies have to do; after all, if you don’t know what your market’s like, how on earth are you going to create something that people will use? Unfortunately for us, we’re operating in a market that’s relatively unchartered in terms of research; there’s a lot of data available regarding the corporate event world, but not much when it comes to how people organise get togethers with their nearest and dearest. Being the proactive sort of people we are, we decided to do our own research (and being the generous sort of people we are, we decided to make this available to everyone in the form of a annual report)! […]

  • The new emble features page

    Easily find out what emble’s all about

    We’re on a quest to continually improve emble based on a combination of tasty user feedback, a sprinkling of raw data, and a pinch of our own intuition. The features page we designed to explain what made emble special was built months before we actually launched the app, and we’ve learned so much since then via the magical recipe mentioned above, that we decided to give it a complete overhaul. It’s now all about how emble can help you plan the most amazing events with your friends, from deciding what to do right through to collecting money for bookings or tickets. […]

  • emble: made for social events

    The problem with using messaging to plan social events

    When we ask people how they currently plan social events, the answers are generally the same: text message, email, or messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. What do these methods have in common? None of them are designed for event planning, but people use them because, until now, there just hasn’t been a better option available. […]

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    New feature: optional money collection

    When we first started beta testing, several people asked us the same question: “What if my event’s not free, but I don’t need to collect the money using emble?” – they used examples like a group meal, or a night out where there’s no need to pay in advance. In these cases, the event itself would cost money, but the person organising wouldn’t necessarily need their guests to pay there and then. […]

  • New features for the emble beta

    New features for the emble beta!

    Since launching our private beta a month ago, we’ve had such an amazing response from our earliest users. As well as a tonne of compliments about our UI, we’ve received some excellent, constructive feedback about ways in which we can improve emble. We decided from an early stage that we would always listen to our users and try our hardest to give them the best possible event planning experience, and we’ve already started responding to suggestions and working on feature requests. Here are a few of the changes we’ve made so far… […]