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How to plan Facebook maintenance to get more video views

How to plan Facebook maintenance to get more video views

There are over 2 billion users logging in to Facebook every month and they are craving for new video content. Almost nobody stops to read anymore, so if you want to enhance user engagement, you will need to get more video views on your page. If you don't use the quick and effective services of SocialBoss, you will need to have a long-term maintenance plan for your Facebook activity. Here is how to make one!


There are three video formats that you can choose from when posting a video clip on your Facebook page: landscape, portrait, and square. The first one is suitable for devices with large displays, such as computers, tablets or smart TVs. Portrait-viewing videos appeal more to mobile users, who prefer to keep their smartphones in a vertical position when watching a clip.

Square videos are quickly gaining a large following mainly because the ratio does not change regardless of how you hold the device on which you are viewing it. With over 90% of the Facebook users estimated to access the network on their smartphones, you can see why square videos are the ideal format to choose for getting more video views for your posts.


One of the secrets of getting more video views for your Facebook posts is having an appealing thumbnail image for the content you post. That's right! The picture that pitches the video is often more important than the video itself.

Most Facebook users have to scroll through tens and hundreds of video posts every day. Since many of them do not stop to read the captions, the best way to attract their attention is through a highly-engaging thumbnail image that promises exciting, valuable and must-see content.


More than 80% of Facebook users prefer silent videos with the occasional captions. Most of them consume social media in social spaces. They do not want a video clip blasting out the sound and disturbing the people in their vicinity, or interrupt the music that they probably listen to while scrolling through the latest updates. Enable silent playback for all your video posts to maintain user experience at a high level, and subsequently get more video views.


Many marketers believe that the attention span of Facebook users does not exceed 3-5 seconds. Therefore, social media experts recommend that you try to catch the viewer’s interest within the first 3 seconds of your video post.

Include short pieces of information from the moment the video starts to make the user understand what he will attend from then on. Also, you can insert a tiny, 3-second preview of the information that you will reveal later in the clip.


An essential benefit of using square videos is that you can use the upper and bottom frames to provide information about the content, your brand or your business. In this regard, try to use short and easy-to-read sentences that users can quickly ingest and which can maintain their interest for the rest of the video’s duration.


Insert short captions throughout the video, especially if it exceeds 1-2 minutes in length. This small, but effective method of getting more video views on Facebook aims to keep the user’s interest high in spite of the lengthy duration of the clip.

Avoid using clickbait captions! They are outdated and some followers may feel insulted by these obsolete and annoying forms of attracting attention.


You should always insert at least a CTA (Call to Action) button on each of your video posts. Captions like “Find out more,” “Shop here,” “Share your opinion,” or “Contact us” can have a positive impact on your followers.

They feel that the respective video is targeting their attention, asking for their point of view and their contribution. Facebook itself is a massive network of shared user contributions, and this strategy is bound to get you more video views.


Last, but not least, to get more video views on Facebook you need to keep it short and simple. Make a maintenance plan that includes some of these tips and trends, and stick to it. As you move forward you will discover unique traits of your followers, and adapt your video posts to appeal to their liking.


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