• emble press coverage - July

    More coverage for emble

    Last week was fantastic for us in terms of coverage, with emble featured on three prominent sites – WWWhat’s New, Start-Ups.co and Minionvilla. We love seeing others get as excited about emble as we are, and we can’t wait to let everyone experience the app for themselves as soon as possible. We are hugely grateful to ever site that’s kindly written about emble so far – thanks for helping us spread the message! If you’ve signed up for our beta having seen us featured on one of these sites, we’re incredibly pleased to have you on board. […]

  • emble is in alpha

    emble is in alpha!

    If you’re following us on Twitter or have already signed up to be one of our lovely beta testers, you’ll have heard our exciting news: we’ve got our hands on the emble alpha and we’re currently knee-deep in testing. It’s amazing for us to see the app in action after all the hours spend conceptualising and trying to find the best way around issues we’ve encountered. […]

  • Make amazing memories with emble

    Making memories with emble

    Hi, I’m Tom, founder of emble. Over the coming months I’ll be posting regular snippets of stuff I’ve found inspiring, intriguing, or that have just helped me gather my thoughts throughout the emble journey. 

    Someone just asked me personally what my mission is with emble; what do I want to achieve? Why am I doing this? What do I want? What can we offer? What does emble solve? […]

  • emble sneak peek

    The emble beta

    If you thought we were excitable last week, you should see us today – we’ve been playing with the app, and whilst it’s not ready for public consumption yet, it has got us doing our best impressions of Dr Frankenstein. We cannot wait to let our creation run wild and allow everyone to have a good old play with it, so we wanted to let you know what our plan is for the launch of emble. […]

  • emble-press

    This week at emble…

    It’s been a busy week at emble HQ! We’ve nearly finished our video (and it’s looking pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves), there’s been a tonne of fantastic feedback on the emble concept from some pretty knowledgeable people, and we’re delighted to have been awarded ‘Startup of the Week’ by Startacus – check out some of the awesome […]

  • emble-2

    Goodbye evitely, helloooo emble!

    Big news! As you may have gathered from the title of this post, we are shedding the moniker evitely and moving forward as emble. We didn’t feel that evitely fully captured the spirit of what we’re doing, and we thought it better to change the name before we launch than live in a world of regret and what-ifs. Our mission, however, remains the […]

  • emble-8

    January update

    It’s been a busy few weeks here at emble HQ. We’ve made a ton of progress with the development of the app, and we’re getting increasingly excited about unleashing the beta in just a few short weeks. There’s been a flurry of interest from people wanting to sign up for the beta, and we’ve been featured on prominent startup websites such as Beta List, Startup List and Product Hunt.* […]

  • emble on Beta List

    emble on Beta List

    Since we started telling the world about emble, we’ve had some fantastic feedback – it’s been great to hear that people other than the team and our mums think we’re onto something good. As if the lovely comments and enthusiastic head nods aren’t enough, we’re also delighted to announce that emble’s not only been featured on Beta List, it’s also […]